Covation Biomaterials turns passion into progress
By partnering with forward-thinking mills, manufacturers, and brands, we are meeting the growing global demand for sustainability.

Our Values

Nature is the best designer

We work with living things to benefit living beings. Our world-class science unlocks the inherent genius of plants and nature to enhance product performance.

Our people are our most valued asset

We are home to trailblazers in sustainability. The materials aren’t the solution – our people are. We work every day to create safe, inspiring work environments that encourage breakthrough thinking and promote growth opportunities for our employees.

Sustainability is fundamental

Our materials are designed for performance but are judged by how they impact our planet. To us, performance and sustainability are one. We live in a world without compromise, made possible by some mind-blowing science.

We live to collaborate

We couldn’t be a force of nature without collaboration and shared goals. We work together to elevate our science and inspire others to join us on the journey to sustainability. The partnerships we create can literally change the world.

Our values

Covation Biomaterials improve product performance, protect the environment, and help you connect with customers by offering a choice that gives them a voice.

Sorona® answers the global call for sustainably sourced fabrics, bridging the personal and societal at a defining moment in our ecological stewardship. Sorona® fabrics are ideal for fashioning attractive, high-performance apparel and soft, durable carpet.

Susterra® is a 100% plant-based building block of organic chemistry that reduces the need for petroleum-based components. Its applications range from footwear to outdoor apparel, coatings, inks, and functional fluids that benefit from favorable viscosity and thermal stability.

Zemea® is a biodegradable material that helps brands reach sustainability goals without compromising quality. Available in multiple formulations, Zemea® meets exacting standards in a variety of high-volume markets, from personal care and home care, to pharmaceuticals, to enhancing flavors and foods.

Be a force of nature