May 11, 2023
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At Covationbio, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we're delivering the sustainable building blocks that will enable customers to provide biobased products accessible to everyone.

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"For more than 20 years and prior to the launch of CovationBio, we dedicated ourselves to the mission to become a world leader in providing sustainable and high-performance biomaterials solutions."

—Dr. Michael Saltzberg, CovationBio CEO

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Press Release
CovationBio PDO Announces Launch of First Saucony® Running Shoe Powered by Susterra ® Propanediol
Saucony launches the corn-powered Triumph RFG featuring a midsole made from 55-percent Susterra® propanediol. It’s Saucony’s most sustainable shoe to…
Press Release
Oscar Chandler & Co. Inc., Collaborates with Covation Biomaterials LLC to add Sorona® Polymer to its Portfolio
Yarn Dyed Sorona® Polymer Brings Spandex-Free Stretch, Recovery to Knitting Industry in North and Central America
Press Release
CovationBio and Primient Host Event Showcasing Environmental Benefits of Working with Truterra to Enable Regenerative Farming
The event demonstrates how responsibly grown plant-based ingredients are creating positive impacts across a variety of commercial industries
NISTI Founder's Day Lecture: The Future of Biomaterials
Dr. Michael A. Saltzberg, CEO of Covation Biomaterials discussed the key applications of Sorona® in textiles, collaborations with Indian customers,…
Press Release
CovationBio Announces Sustainability Commitments and Baselines with its First Sustainability Report
CovationBio is releasing its first sustainability report, reinforcing its commitment to contribute to sustainability advancements in four key areas…
Six Materials Nominated for the Innovation Award “Renewable Material of the Year 2023
Sorona® for Faux Fur was one of six innovations nominated for this prestigious award.
Re-Thinking Materials: A Q&A with CovationBio CEO Michael Saltzberg
Ahead of the Re-Thinking Materials conference in May 2023, CovationBio CEO Michael Saltzberg discusses the transition towards a future of sustainable…
Christina Kaba Turns a Passion for Sustainability into Fashion
With a passion for environmental sustainability, Christina Kaba helps CovationBio create high-performance, sustainable products for apparel and…