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Our Mission:


At scale

CovationBio partners with brands around the world to enable high-performance bio-based products at a global scale. For us, sustainability is more than a strategic plan; it's fundamental to our products and reflects our values.

We were made for this.

Continuing to take cues from nature, this is a living document. Watch our progress here as we pursue our mission, focusing on the four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that serve as pillars of our sustainability program.

United Nations Global Goal #8

Decent work and

Economic growth

Innovation isn't progress unless it forwards the health and welfare of the people we impact. Our actions must promote sustainable economic growth for the places in which we do business while providing safe, inclusive, and rewarding jobs for co-workers and their communities. Which is why we:

  • Treat people with respect
  • Prioritize safety
  • Grow our business responsibly
  • Promote transparency throughout supply chain
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United Nations Global Goal #12


Consumption and production

The consumption and production patterns of the past have no future. Forward-thinking companies value sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. They also support the migration of developing countries towards more sustainable ways of living. We will do our part to champion environmentally and socially responsible consumption and production patterns by:

  • Removing "dead-end science" from the supply chain by decoupling the production of high-performance materials from fossil fuels and fossil feedstocks
  • Using natural resources efficiently and responsibly
  • Responsibly managing materials throughout their life cycles
  • Increasing recyclability and recycle rates for final products
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United Nations Global Goal #13



The clothing industry contributes from 8% to 10% of global carbon emissions, the pollution driving the climate crisis, according to the United Nations Environment Programme of 2019. The good news? As an industry, we can make a real difference by harnessing our leadership and creativity to measures that will protect the planet and give hope to populations most vulnerable to climate-related hazards and natural disasters. We will take action by:

  • Dramatically reducing emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Reducing and offsetting our Scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Adopting policies that will globally reduce and/or mitigate climate change
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United Nations Global Goal #15


On land

Nature is the source of our inspiration and our innovations. In a larger, shared sense, it is our one and only home. We must protect it to ensure our survival. We all know this, yet many of our terrestrial ecosystems are threatened by deforestation, loss of natural habitats, and land degradation. No-one is forcing this - it has been a choice. We choose a better way. We will preserve life on land by:

  • Promoting sustainable use of terrestrial resources
  • Restoring terrestrial ecosystems through the support of regenerative agriculture
  • Advocating for the equitable use of genetic resources
  • Leveraging our partnership with Truterra, a farmer-driven sustainability company dedicated to advancing and accelerating on-farm sustainability, at scale
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Covation Biomaterials

We hope our dedication to achieving sustainability at scale inspires pride amongst our co-workers and partners, action from governments, and empowers consumers to make choices that manifest the life they want for themselves and future generations.

The work is necessary and ongoing. Join us.

We are a force of nature.